help me finishing my design

Hey awsome people!

I need your help finishing my design:

What do you think of the concept and colors? I am currently working on my Laptop, which has some weird color adjustments... I also want to add some more texture and try some variations for the background.

Please tell me your thoughts on how to improve it!
Thank you :)

Watch this

I like it. I guess the sign could be a little bigger, maybe a planet/moon amongst the stars?


I like it a lot! Only thing you could try is different stars and see how would that look. May not be better, that is only thing that comes to my mind. Otherwise it looks quite finished. Great job and good luck.


The astronaut could be looking at his watch and in the background his ship could be in ruins with crew members floating in space to give him a reason for catching the space bus.


Awesome! Maybe a deeper gradient in the blue space?


Thank you for your comments!

Working on it right now, the watch is a cool idea. Also changing the background and the sign a bit ;)


hey there, i made some changes to the design: Changed the sign, worked on the stars and colors. What do you think? I think i will work on the astronauts crashed ship in the background next.

Thank you very much so far!


My 3rd try:

Colors close to the first design but with the new sign and crashed ship. I think i'm getting close to submitting it ;)




what do you think about the stars on this one?


I really like this! Definitely like the stars in the latest version. One small thing that kind of bugs me though is the shadow for the sign. It's still square from the first iteration so it looks a little wonky.


lol, your right, stupid me ^^

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