A week in tees (12/23) - Words from their designers!

Have you checked out this week's NEW TEES yet?

Well, how about we hear a little bit about each design from the designers themselves! You can also click a designer's name to go to their new design.

I imagined that humans were made of a thin fragile porcelain shell, so I wanted to render the discovery of their nature easier. Breaking into the human soul does not require a lot of effort then. Findings are surprising. But this is only the beginning. The true story begins at the moment when you present Gentleman Fox to your own world, people around you. Watch the magic operate. Be surprised how Gentleman Fox helps you to see others souls.

I thought it might be fun to represent the motivations and desires of some popular characters and depict them in an old vintage, phrenology, cameo. In this one you can see the eleventh Doctor, his brain comprised of all the things dearest, dangerous and desired.

‘Calypso' stemmed from my fascination for Greek mythologies and stories. They have fired up a great deal of visual inspiration for me when I was growing up. My design approach is to present the story by drawing elements with an abstract style that would unravel the story into one collective and interesting visual.

My illustrations always carry my emotions. Always means a lot and I believe people feel the same as me. I like to be versatile. Draw and color is a way to reflect my feeling.

Almost all people love zombies and unicorns. They are very iconic in their own sense and there aren't many designs we can see about them together on a shirt. We love the contrast and the combination of darkness and bright colors on it. Hopefully people will love it!

If woodland creatures had cameras to snap up pictures of Homo sapien life, I would be curious as to what their observations would be...

Stay tuned til next week! :)

Happy Holidays!

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Really awesome. :-) Man, I'm in love with Calypso.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Congrats guys and gals. And MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!


I love reading these short statements.

melmike profile pic Alumni

YES! Now I can print out this little picture of Chris and carry him around in my wallet.

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