Help me to understand!

I can not understand a vote so low, without criticism of any kind ... this is the work

Now, I find it difficult to participate in other competitions because I understand that many things influence the vote.
sorry for my english (google translate), pass happy holidays to all.

Watch this

sorry man. i would definitely have scored this a 1, and would never buy it. i am not even sure what i am looking at??

my suggestion would be to look at to see what does print here, and then honestly evaluate if you are near that level.

good luck!

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Yeah, it's just not a very attractive tee. I wouldn't wear it either and would've voted it 1. Also, the shading and lifework don't really go together.

<font><font>melmike</font></font> said:

<font><font>Sì, non è solo un tee molto interessante. </font><font>Non vorrei indossare uno e avrei votato! 1. </font><font>Inoltre, l'ombreggiatura e il lavoro di una vita in realtà non vanno insieme.</font></font>

<font><font>taz-pie</font></font> said:

<font><font>scusate l'uomo. </font><font>avrei sicuramente hanno segnato questo un 1, e non avrei mai potuto comprare. </font><font>Non sono nemmeno sicuro di quello che sto guardando?</font></font>

<font><font>il mio suggerimento sarebbe quello di guardare </font></font><font><font> / tutti</font></font><font><font> di vedere cosa fa la stampa qui, e poi onestamente valutare se si è vicino a quel livello.</font></font>

<font><font>buona fortuna!</font></font>

This is not a simple pattern, I tried to propose something different, this is a tessellation! honestly I'm not used to shoot on what you do not understand, I appreciate the "artists" bold but I try to differentiate myself and then not drawing cute kittens for further appreciation. thanks for comments at least you responded! I wish you good holidays


I'm pretty sure we all have a basic concept of what a tessellation is. (pretty sure most of us have taken third-grade math. we've also seen stuff by M.C. Escher.) With your pattern, I honestly have no idea what I'm looking at. For example, if you don't look at the pattern closely, what I'm assuming is a teepee makes the lizard look like it has a toucan beak. I know that you think that a more complicated pattern would be cooler, but sometimes simpler IS better. Don't sacrifice quality of work just because you want to "differentiate [yourself] and then not drawing cute kittens for further appreciation." You don't have to draw cats to have the community like your stuff; it just has to be a well-executed/kickass design.


Oh well, compared with the vision of others, hoping they do not all apply the Rorschach test in the work, I just needed to constructive criticism, however, I realized that we must intensify the outlines for a clear reading, I close by saying, be more thoughtful in looking at the work (use more seconds), all the "composers" deserve respect!


maybe add some arrows?

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People probably just didn't like it that much. That's the answer for "why are my votes/scores/comments low?" about 99% of the time... if not 100%.

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It seems really forced, like the idea wasn't really going to work, but you tried it anyway. There's still potential, I think, but you might have to change how the objects meet.

On the other hand, people don't typically like to wear tessellations on their bodies. So it might be a lost cause :/

That's usually why I score low-- because I wouldn't wear it.


I appreciate your interest, I hope to return thanks, spend happy holidays!

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