Holy Secret Santa! Thanks!

My Secret Santa (Lemonalle) went above and beyond and I can't thank her enough! I still can't believe all the amazing stuff she piled into one box! I'm a lucky dude!

I'm so stoked to be playing Shadowgate!

Threadless Secret Santa never fails to be amazing!

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tomburns profile pic Alumni

Cool! Hey Lants, I saw THESE just today, and thought you need to probably pick em up, I always see your cool printed pint glasses!

They are awesome, and those retro action figures are badass too!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

That's a really cool pile of loot! Lemonalle did an awesome job being Santa!

wearecareful profile pic Staff

@tomburns Yeah, those are rad!


cooooooooool! i love lemonz!


Yay! I'm glad you like it. It's so neat to see Shadowgate in action. I am seriously considering getting my brother one of those handheld NES/Super NES things for his birthday.

And I love taz too!

Merry Christmas!

wearecareful profile pic Staff

I've been playing the hell out of it. I highly recommend the Retroduo 2 handheld. It's worked great for me so far!

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