Pursuit of Happiness - Which version is better?

Need an opinion on which version to submit. In both versions a boy is reaching out towards a dove. He is in the process of leaping towards, or falling and missing the dove, depending on your interpretation. The only difference is the addition of a blindfold. The blindfold version has an eye of Horus on the front.Which version do you prefer and why?

Watch this

right side! i like feeling when i see these kind of pictures without a twist but with emotions~


i have to say right side as well because without the blindfold you can see the full expression on his face and with the blindfold the open mouth comes out a bit weird. anyway, is a really nice work with great colours.


I'd prefer right side because of the expression. Amazing choice of colors.


Without blindfold but I think his eyes need a bit of work to give him a more wondrous expression.


Thanks everyone :) Submitted the version without the blindfold and reworked the eyes a bit. Should be up sometime soon hopefully :D

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