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After voting on a submitted design has ceased, are artists informed that they've been unsuccessful in being printed, or do we just presume so & soldier-on bravely?

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You only get notified if you've been chosen for a print. Best thing to do is to sub it, promote it, forget it and move on to the next one!

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you DO get notified... in the sense that they didn't notify you of a print..

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No news is bad news after a few weeks.


A stiff upper lip, a granite jaw, & a sharpening of the quill eh? Once more unto the breach...


Just move along and go about business as usual, like the Baka says. It's tough, but better not to dwell.

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It's also worth mentioning, that even after weeks or months, you may still get an email saying it will print,'s not an immediate thing either way.


Thank you for the advice.

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