Can I get some quick feedback on this please...

Been working on this for so long I'm unable to tell if it's easy to recognise the bowling pin shape. Is it? WELL, IS IT?!

Watch this
Musarter profile pic Alumni

I think it is recognizable to me. If there was less heavy black areas it might read better.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I was able to see it immediately. :-)

ThePaperCrane profile pic Alumni

Is it going to be black on white? If you reversed it then the pin would be white and red which would make it even more instantly recognisable.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Yeah, not sure yet. I tried a quick reverse but in white, the objects were a little hard to make out.


Looks fine to me. You definitely need the red star section in there though so you don't run the risk of it looking like a footprint.


It is. Duh. Goshhhh. Fuuuuuu.

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