Need some Illustrator help please

I saved a file, made a LOT of changes, and wanted to save the new version as a new file, but hit Save instead of Save As. Can I rescue both the new and the old? Or is the old gone forever?


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If you have not closed the file yet you can do a control-z like a million times and see how far back you can go; it depends on your preferences. I have done this before and was able to save the new and old version.

mike bautista
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no idea. maybe you can just make it crash and see what the recovered file looks like? that's all I got.

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I've done something similar before selected everything, copied the layout, then ctrl-z'd waaaay back and then pasted the changes back in.

guess it just depends on how many changes you made. that sucks doh... does illustrator save backup files at all when you save something?

mike bautista
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I need to change my settings so I get unlimited undos. right now I just copy whatever layer I'm editing so if I hate it I can just delete it.

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I hope you have an history with 1000 steps.. that's what I put on the Photoshop prefs. so you could undo unitil you find the good version. good luck !

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