Critique help please

Dim Mak is a kung fu technique that can kill an opponent with pressure points, often with a delayed effect. It is a "forbidden technique". Does it kind of make sense with out a huge descriptions? Should I change the words to include something along the lines of forbidden technique or villains school of kung fu? Any design critiques would be appreciated too thank you!

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It makes sense and the illustrations are good, but the composition is quite cluttered. I think you should simplify it and make it more striking as a T-Shirt. Maybe you can focus on one aspect or portray it in a more abstract, artistic way. It seems difficult to pull that off with such an unfamiliar concept tho.

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I agree with the Elkay and also, try hand lettering the words.


men who stare at goats! lol! love it! i agree wit dem...muk, pun intended! is dat master qui from kill bill?! i think the most famous spot is in the center of the fore head if yo thinkin bout a single image. hand letterin is where its at!

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