Critique before submission - please help me be cool like you

Hey guys,
So normally I just submit designs and hope like hell that people like them but since I'm hoping to actually get one printed some day, I'm finally gathering the courage to make a thread. Please unleash your critical analysis on me, or just tell what you would score this so I can get an idea of how I can make it good.
I will love you for it even if you are mean and harsh because that's what I need!

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Well, I'll try not to be mean, just point out where you're going wrong.

Your style lacks any sense of you in it. It has no personality. Flat colours with no texture or shading are fine, as long as there's an artist's style present in the shapes. What you've ended up with here literally looks like you spent 5 minutes on it. You need to spend more time on your work.

To be honest, I really just think you need to spend more time drawing in general, all kinds of drawing, develop those skills, learn those techniques. And once you've done that, you might very well come back to this super simple style later on, but your enhanced skill set will nonetheless be apparent in your work, it'll have it's own personality. To illustrate my point, take this:

It's done in such a simple style, but the personality and imagination is practically bursting off the image.


I see your point, I have been meaning to develop my illustration skills for a while and I think now is the time to get down and do it! Thank you so much :)


The only thing I would add to melmike's spot-on comments is the following: sketch more-if possible, from life.

Drawing from life will help you develop/discover your own unique style. The more you observe how things work in real life, the more you'll be able to simplify them and distill them to their essence. That's really what a style is born out of. "Flat" and "Cartoony" aren't styles necessarily, they're just tools for putting forth your unique view of the subject. Some pieces might benefit from a flat approach, while some will benefit from a detailed, rendered approach. But the rendering doesn't make it good. You can render a piece to death, but if its foundation isn't solid-it won't be impactful.

The style of your piece should come second to the underlying construction. You'll get better at said construction by just sketching more and finding the "you" in your art.


What a bizarre creepy image--i mean that in a GOOD way cuz it definitely has flavor and it's kinda funny too. I do think the proportions of the pin are a bit off, and the composition leaves it rather static.

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