100th submission submitted!!!

It's hard to believe I'm still here 3 years later and almost 100 submissions, I wanted to do a countdown from my 91th submission...

Submission #100 (Pending approval)

Submission #99

Up for scoring:Harmony

Submission #98

Up for scoring:Booze on first?

Submission #97

voting over:Music is my inspiration

Submission #96

voting over:My cat has a PhD in string theory

Submission #95

voting over:Music Brightens my day

Submission #94

voting over: Visual Perspective

Submission #93

voting over: Sunburst owl

A collab with Goliath72

submission #92

voting over: Pipe Dreams


Avg Score
486 score
117 fives
58 ones

A collab with Soloyo:

submission #91

Voting over: http://www.threadless.com/8bit/nine-against-one/


Avg Score
218 scores
31 fives
79 ones


design ideas scored

772 t-shirts helped get made

3.43 average score given

97 designs submitted

0 designs printed - Hopefully this will change sometime.

I'm not sure what my 100th submission will be, maybe another owl. : )

Watch this
NDTank profile pic Alumni

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

Wow.. im only 90 short

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

thanks everyone,

@ Jess, I can't wait to make my 100th submission. :)

Collab with Soloyo is up for voting!!!


Awesome collab guys!

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

thanks nerrik appreciate your support, none of the links seem to be working. Is this the same with everyone else?

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

thanks Goliath, getting closer to my 100th submission, I will be there soon working on a couple of designs atm. :-)

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Dang bro, you are a subbing machine. The collab looks super great. I hope you get a print soon.

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