How do some people promote their designs?

I've seen some people with shit designs (Not tryna be mean or anything)
but gets like 20-50+ comments and stuff..

just wondering how do they do it.
Need some answers.. THANKS :)

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Yeah, I'm pretty unpopular 'round here. I barely get any votes/comments it seems like. People that get a lot of comments usually have a lot of "followers" and I don't mean on Threadless I mean on twitter, facebook, real life, etc. A lot of friends = a lot of votes/comments.


Hmm.. are there any other website besides "Facebook twitter etc etc" that you can promote your stuff?


you need an account to score or comment so i guess the best way to promote your work is on threadless itself. comment on people, check threads on forum, be active, and maybe people will notice you. and it's always a matter of taste too.


Oh well.. Not that active on the forums.. So maybe I'll stick with focusing on my design and getting better until some people notice me. Thank for the answers guys

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I've found that renting out hot air balloons with your URL printed on the side usually generates an extra 15-20 votes...

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

I share it on my FB page, tumble account and twitter, not sure how many more votes it brings in though

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I do the same promotion for everything, post on FB, tumblr, tell my mum... and almost every time the level of comments and score accurately reflect the popularity of the design. As in, the better the design, the more comments I receive. Unless you have thousands of loyal fans off Threadless, outside promotion is kinda useless.

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

What melmike said.. the amount of scores and comments is directly related to the quality and popularity of the submission

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