AbraHAM Lincoln- help and critique PLEASE

I have submitted this particular design a couple times now, but because Threadless doesn't tell you why they didn't approve it; I have spent many hours reworking a design that I thought was ready to be scored. If anyone has any feedback or any idea why this wouldn't go to scoring please leave a comment. Thank you.! It is just a play on words of Abraham Lincoln's name, which is why he is a pig in a suit.


Watch this

Wish I could help, but it looks great and feels polished. I know it's pretty frustrating when you don't know why it hasn't been submitted (does push you a bit trying to look and find things to improve). I'm pretty new on here, but maybe you didn't have the right person see it (I'm presuming everyone on Threadless has different tastes and looks for different things). The only thing I can think of is that it's not pro America.

Michael Cotton

That was a little bit of what I was afraid of. I didn't mean to have it come across as un-American (me being American and all) I just thought it was funny.


I love this design. I am a sucker for puns and there is nothing like Abra-Ham lincoln!


Its really clever - I bet if you actually wrote our 'AbraHAM Lincoln' on the shirt, it might get accepted - otherwise, it just seems like you're calling this beloved president a swine.. which isn't a really good idea...


I love this design... could you maybe do a couple more presidents to sell it and not have it come across as a slam on the president? I agree if you wrote the name on the shirt, it would make it obvious, but I usually hate words on shirts, especially ones that are visual gags. Maybe if the other presidents weren't ham based?

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