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Here is my edited version:

In a previous thread, suggestions were to have it be more cohesive and to not have it cut off.
I think it looks really weird with legs though... I was thinking about putting teabags where the original version cuts at his waist, but it looked kinda random. I like the composition of the original though. I think the legs are a little too much. What do you guys think? Any suggestions would be great!

Watch this

You can clearly see that this is done in illustrator. In my opinion this design is not suited to be executed in this program. It looks to static almost like a wooden doll. Maybe you can get some inspiration with this link (just an example you don't have to do it this way) -->,guys/style,shirt As you can see it looks more natural, of course it's done in a different style. All I want to say is that you maybe have to think about a different approach to workout this design unless your an illustrator program god. It's just a suggestion to help you working out this design because I think that this is a good design if well executed.


What program do you suggest? I don't really want it to be realistic, but I don't want it to look like a wooden doll lol In regards to Astronaut Sloth, Isn't that a photomanipulation? Maybe I'll try rendering it in a different way. Thanks for the suggestion :)


it don't have to be realistic, the link was just an example. With another program I mean photoshop. You can also try to drop the illustration you made in illustrator in photoshop and use texture and filters.


I can't say I know what this is a reference to, but its certainly an entertaining idea. I think you could take the top hat and monocle idea further and have a table with a white tablecloth and a saucer in front of him (just the front of the table). You could have his other hand holding a saucer (). Plus, it would fix the legs/teabags dilemma. :) Anyway, just my take on it! Cool design!


It's not in reference to anything, but I'm glad you find it entertaining! I was about to give up on this, but maybe I will take it further and just go crazy with it haha. Thanks for your input :)

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