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Freelance t-shirt rates?

Hey guys, I'm an animator by trade but I've been getting some requests to do some freelance t-shirt designs, bands and stuff, just wondering what most people charge (ballpark) for that kind of work.

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depends on what the shirt is for and how much exposure its gonna get. If its band merch and they plan on selling it then either get a decent flat rate or a percentage of the earning. That is usually how I function in the freelance field, for shirts or anything else really. Im sure others here have good pointers too.

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I also cant see any of your old designs so I have no idea what your art looks like, its hard to say without looking at it.


Thanks for the reply. That's odd, I haven't submitted in a while but all my old submissions are dead links, weird. I would be curious to get some ballpark figures, lets say a flat rate for a small to medium exposure band that plays to average crowds of 100-300, assuming the design would be well received of course

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