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101 times a one... that's a little underrated I have to say!
Unfortunately not everybody votes fare don't you guys think?

I know that a 5 is not possible to score but I spent a lot of hours making this piece and was not expecting 101 ones.....

Am I weird by questioning this or can you see what I mean here.....

Thanks for looking :)....

Watch this

well you will always have 1's and that doesn't mean anything. you kinda had a pretty nice score i'd say. i've submitted 20 designs or so and only once i got more than 3, and the others were all less than your score - 2,91. i think is not so easy to pass the mark of 3 and you were close so i'd be happy with that. it's normal to feel disappointed when a work scores less than you expected. just keep something and putting all that effort in all of your works.


i totally quote tohellandback passing three it's difficult! I understand that getting 101 ones for such a nice composition doesn't make sense but expert users of threadless replied me that at the end undervoting affects all designs so you can pretend it doesn't exist..

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thanks for the reactions!! I understand more of how threadless works now....

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