Great ideas - Step by step

Here's a step by step of my last sub -

It was quite challenging, since i'm not really used to work with hatching. I had to go back and forth a looot of times, specially on the dark clouds. Still not even close to what i had research about hatching, but i kinda liked the final thing! Hope you did too!

Watch this
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Ha, but i did! He's a monster! I actually wanted to make something as detailed as his stuff...But i guess i'll have to be born again :p




Beautiful work! Scoring it handsomely.

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I also thought about Nicolas stuff when I saw this. Really cool work and thanks for sharing the process!


Looks really good. What did you do for the texture on the moon?


Yeah, thank you for sharing all the process! Você é foda demais!

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So so great! Quite a talent you have. Also, that Nicolas Delort piece is incredible!!

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brett.rice.73 said:

Looks really good. What did you do for the texture on the moon?

It's a mix of watercolor textures. :)

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wow amazing. thanks or sharing!


I love seeing design processes. This is an awesome design, love your style. Hopefully it gets printed.

I've started to roughly document my processes as well, here's a quick video of my latest threadless submission:

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