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who do you steal from?!?!

inspired by Alex's post. we all take inspiration from stuff. I wanna know who you're taking from. whether for threadless or graphic design or art in general. maybe you can make a mood board??? those are neat.

I said in Alex's post that I looked at his work when I started out for how to get some depth using as little colors as possible. I've moved on to flatter looks but I'd say his work helped out a lot for understanding that stuff.
Loidolt and Ladrones got me to try a more fixed line weight and try busier things.

for non threadless stuff I study Sammy Harkham a lot for how to minimize things and for his comics language.

and I used to awe at how much detail Michael Deforge can squeeze into his work.

also Peanuts and early Japanese art.

that's top of my head stuff. you guys?

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Ive been staring at Chris Samnee's work a lot lately to get inspiration but I dont know if Im really doing any lifting since our styles are so opposite.

Working near Alex has had the same effect where I've been trying out some techniques as far as limiting colors and getting depth so I have been doing some minor stealing there, as well as a bit from Baka.

Also, all of tumblr.

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Wharton, Stacy, Tony Riff, Mitch and Sonmi. And here lately Charles Huettner. His stuff is amazing.

Julia's "Believe It" shirt has influenced my style a bit. :-) One of my favorite tees.

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James Jean, Aaron Horkey. I was obsessed with Josh Cochran for a while, love his line work and color palettes.


This guy right hurr...

my illustrator idol since day 1...found out about Threadless by researching him too


I only steal hearts from nobody


Steel magnolias

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xiv said:

I've been compiling an ever-growing reference/inspiration library for the past couple years. Anyone else do this?

I do, but mine is no where near as organised, its a single folder just filled with anything

mike bautista
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I used to do that when I was 9 and it was just two folders called "DBZ" and "MIDIs"

I think I need to do something like that though. I just have a reblog tumblr so my references have sources, but a throw in a bunch of other stuff in there and I never tag things.

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mike bautista said:

I used to do that when I was 9 and it was just two folders called "DBZ" and "MIDIs"

I think I need to do something like that though. I just have a reblog tumblr so my references have sources, but a throw in a bunch of other stuff in there and I never tag things.

I rename every jpg i save to the artists name, usually just a surname, ..I used to have a folder called 'MIDIs' and one called 'OS' which was full of outlaw star pics

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Aryz, graffiti, anime, tado, kawaii art. :)

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Man, I don't even know anymore. I don't really look at much art/design/illustration aside from my FB firends and the people I follow on S6.

There's plenty of people whose work I love (Sonmi's always been a fave), but I don't really find myself going to their work for inspiration. Mostly it's just bits and pieces, sometimes just a little detail in a videogame or a movie or a cartoon or something catches my eye and I build from it.

This one I made years ago came from me liking the health bar in Resident Evil 4:

And more recently Ryan Gosling's caharacter inspired me to draw the middle dude here and then I decided to turn it into a gang:

I'm sure I must have some more direct influences, but it just might be more subconscious at this point.

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I love these guys professionally:

Uncle Torys by Ryohei Yanagihara

Mary Blair Tomy Ungerer

and on a more personal not Esther Aarts, MRP, Baka, QBF and just about everyone else.

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I don't really draw, but when I do, it's 100% stolen. I can't intentionally draw original stuff. Sometimes I accidentally stumble onto an original thing, though.

In my writing, I've noticed that I steal from books I've read and pretty much every television show/movie I've ever seen.

But keep an eye out for my new book, The MAS*H Hunger Games!

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Charley Harper was such a badass- I tend to overcomplicate/overwork things and his work blows my mind.

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DRO72 said:

if you're not aware of raymond savignac, google his ass

I tried but found no butt pictures, just a bunch of art.

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My art mentors were pretty traditionalist. In terms of being inspired when starting out, Bill Watterson was a huge influence. His range of style and incredible panel perspectives helped me understand spacial and stylistic ques.

As time went on, I started getting into comics. Mike Wieringo was a rock.

Eric Canete is another big one. I've followed him for a long, long time. He, in my opinion, is the king of details.

But...the singlemost influential artist to inspire and impact my life is Mike Mignola. The instant I saw his work I felt like I'd been hit with a ton of bricks. No other artist (for me) is able to create something that is both simple and complex, subdued yet explosive, cutting-edge and timeless. His use of negative space (as well as the effectiveness of simple black and white) inspires me every time I see his work. Whenever I'm stuck on a concept or with a clunky execution, he's the first artist I go to to seek guidance.

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zomni, mignola, tim biskup, sam bosma isaac brock, beer, drugs, shin chan, tatami galaxy, lain, spif and hercules, titi freak, aryz, weird japanese drawings / tv / tales / culture in general, hating linework imprisionement.

and i thnk it's just it.

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