help please. what could i change??

What do you think of my 8 bit submission?


enter code here

Watch this

I like it, but I can't read the word underneath threadless. I can make out 'soup' but it should be more defined. It's a good idea though, and it's really different to the other 8 bit designs!


What do you think of my revised version?


Please. Any help would be much appreciated.


I like the revised version better, but I wouldn't consider it to be 8bit


I don't think threadless usually prints tees with their own logo as the design. Also it doesn't really look like it fits in with the 8 bit theme.


Yeah, I agree. Both versions don''t really fit in with the 8 bit theme, it just looks like a really low-res design.


even though as a design doesn't seem like such a bad idea..i don't think it fits with the theme (like everybody else mentioned lol). My suggestion would be try and think of something from a game you like or take something that means something to you, something special and 8-bitify it. Sorry if i sound like a broken record, but i hope i helped.

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  1. Don't put the Threadless logo on your design. They don't want that.

  2. The pixel version is hideous, it just looks like Warhol's painting pushed through a few filters.

  3. The "revised" version is just Warhol's soup can. You didn't redraw it or anything, you just put the Threadless logo on it.

It's not going to work.


threadless is perfectly able to do their own branded stuff. you don't need to try and help them. and yeah, the pixel version IS hideous.


Thanks guys. I appreciated the honest feedback. On to the next one!!

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