Hey! I'm Daizy Jain and I'm completely new to Threadless. Can anyone give me an idea of what type of designs are usually accepted? I've only made two designs yet and both of them were rejected! :( If someone could give me a lay of the land that'd be amazing! Also I'll score you if you help me! :)

Daizy Jain

Watch this

Thanks! :) Also scored your design! :D


Wellcome! There are no rules. Just put yourself in it. It's ok, many of us rejected in the first-to-third try. What is your style? what do you use?

chuck p comics said:

sup! names chuck! everyone is new at some point, post some stuff and get constructive feed back! :)

What Chuck said. Hello as well! Keep trying and good luck. I look forward to seeing your designs!


Hi Daizy, welcome and keep trying it's all I have to say. It takes a while to understand what's "appropriate" for threadless. Most of what I send is rejected, less and less now but still...

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