I finally made enough to buy my wacom cintiq 24hd

I have finally found a legit way to make money online. As a struggling artist it has been really hard for me to keep my tools and equipment up to date and still eat and have a place to sleep I needed some extra cash to move forward in my career. Prior to purchasing the wacom cintiq I worked on a bamboo fun tablet.....big upgrade ...I am so excited! Before you go thinking I am some sort of sales person...I will stop you here. I am just a guy who found a way to put some extra cash in your pocket and being an artist I know how this life we live can sometimes be... especially when it is our bread and butter... so i would like to put you on to something I just took a huge chance on and was very surprised to see that my leap of faith did not cost me a fortune like so many other things i have tried. But rather increased my main account by hundreds in just a couple days. There are so many scams out there. This system is the real deal! I am not a sales person, I do not own the link I am going to give you I just want to share with people my experience and hopefully help someone to get over a financial hump here is a link to the website http://bit.ly/18cA99O the system costs 40 dollars or so not expensive at all for the value just go and get your copy..And thank me in the comments I am only trying to help my fellow artists move up in quality of work and a little extra cash can help
i can go on and on for hours about the program but I want you to be the judge
you have nothing to lose. I am using this system....well its more like a service...or a business rather that YOU own and you get paid...that simple go and check it out http://bit.ly/18cA99O

Watch this

Fuck off.

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There are so many scams out there. This system is the real deal!


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I like how you've made the jump from a bamboo to cintiq, ..and your drawing skills (looking at your profile pic) looks like a mouse drawing, from an actual mouse.. ..who lost his or her sight in a horrible cheese accident... Along with his or her limbs... And the part of the brain that holds talent and aesthetic.... ..and it's life.

I suggest you look for a salesman who'll teach you how to make money and buy something that will support what you have actual talent for.. Lying and being a liar.

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I do need money! THIS SOUNDS GREAT!!!

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