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About hoodies sizes

Might be a silly question but, this will be my first time buying a hoodie from Threadless.

I am size L for girls, it fits me perfectly. But according to the measures given for the chest, I would need an XS size for the hoodie? Can't be?... The chest for the L tee says "91.4-96.5 cm" and the XS hoodie is also "91.4-96.5", kind of weird... so I'm not sure which size to buy. Any girl that is Large size for tees and has bought a hoodie too, can give me some help? Or anyone who knows about this? Thanks!

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sarah_bwmn profile pic Staff

Hey! I wear a Girly M or L and get a S or M hoody. Depends on how you like to wear them, but if you want some extra room go for the M.

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

I believe it is because the hoodies are unisex. The medium didnt fit me at all, but fit my wife who was a Ladies Large

melmike profile pic Alumni

My girly is tallish and not particularly busty, she wears an girly M tee and an an S hoodie, so that correlates with Sarah's response. Does this mean you should be getting a M hoodie? Dunno, maybe.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I wear a girly large and a medium hoodie fits me perfectly. :-) Same goes for the crew neck sweaters.


I've been getting girly medium tees and though the small hoodies fit me, I like the medium. :)

digsy profile pic Alumni

I wear girly medium shirt and a small hoodie. I occadionally wear my husbands medium hoodie for a looser bigger fit but a small suits me better


Actually, the last small zip hoodie I got was a long time ago( caged II). They prob fit differently now. Don't listen to me! :p

fagkitty profile pic Alumni

Thanks for your answers! I'll get an M hoodie.

sarah_bwmn profile pic Staff
Morkki said:

On that note, can anyone tell how the Select hoodies fit compared to the regular Threadless ones? For example this.

They have the same fit, except maybe the Select is a bit longer? I still wear the same size as I do in reg hoodies.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Cool, thanks! At some point the new Threadless hoodies changed into new new hoodies and now the mediums fit me fine again, like in the AA days. The first generation Threadless hoodies didn't stretch as much and seemed smaller so I had to wear a large. But I could use maybe an inch more length in the mediums.

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