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Hi everyone, any tips for my previous submission?

I am going to resubmit this again, is wanna get some advices to improve it before the resubmission

[enter link description here]2

Watch this

good try man! In my opinion you should remove the dots maybe replacing with other stuff and then maybe revise the colour choice to find a new a palette!! hope it helped! :)


Hi Clodino, Thanks for your advice!! I will give it a try. and good luck on your design!

ericwychow said:

Hi Clodino, Thanks for your advice!! I will give it a try. and good luck on your design!

you're wellcome! good luck to you too!!!


It seems the halftone doesn't work well, I will remove it. i am not sure about the outline, need to try it out first. I might add 2 more fellow with him to balance the whole picture. Thanks for your suggestion. Once i make the final one, will invite you guys to vote!

agrimony said:

yeah the halftones dont help. not really liking the thick outlines in the bottom right either. not sure if that's just my eyes though


I feel that the dots are a distraction from the piece. They don't necessarily need to be there to enhance the design. Maybe a swirl in the ice cream would be a fun addition. Depending on the contour of the line you choose for it, the swirl could add some more energy and movement to the blast off.

Best of luck! Please rate if you have a moment :)

biotwist profile pic Alumni

there is nothing great about this.. you would be better off just moving on and making something new


Thanks for the suggestions!! I will resubmit it bit later. I am have some new stuffs to be score, you can have a look on it.


i wouldn't bother resubmitting. you already know what people think. move on to somehting else.

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