Design rejected again... any feedback?

I understand that Threadless wants to let through polished, appropriate designs for voting. I just don't see what they find wrong with my latest submission. Can't they at least let people vote? I wish they would include a few words about their rejection, like 'bad color scheme' or something. I'm not sure whether to abandon the design entirely or try to submit another version because I've gotten no feedback at all.

Does anyone here have any ideas?

Watch this

I like the colours! I think the problem is that I can't make out what animal it's meant to be. It has elephants inside it, but it looks more like a rhino for some reason. You could improve it by having a more distinct elephant shape, with long tusks. It also looks a bit like a kids' cartoon character too; getting rid of the thick black outline and having the elephant stand on all four legs rather than doing a leap thing would help.


I see that it's a tessellation, and it's cool you've made them all connect and spiral outwards. I agree that the general outline doesn't read as an elephant though - the lack of tusks and small ears are kind of confusing. I also thought it was a rhino.


I agree with the 2 comments above. As a silhouette you simply don't know what animal it is


I think the concept is pretty interesting, but there's still a lot of things you could do better. First of all, it's a little bit hard trying to tell what exactly the design is. I'm assuming it's an elephant, but the silhouette of the big elephant looks more like a sabertooth tiger. On the sides the pattern is stretched really weirdly, so that doesn't do much for the design. The color scheme is not that great--your colors are too dark and muddy. Try something brighter or more complimentary.Your linework also needs to be cleaned up; on some places there are random lines that I think could probably be erased. Try working on getting the elephant proportions right too; it seems a little bit awkward.


work on the big black line that makes the figure look more like an elephan, than uploud?

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