Take this basic idea and run with it!

So, what would you do to make this better, or more you?
Take my idea and run with it!
(I tried to get feedback in another thread, if someone would like to tell me where threads for newbie feedback usually get posted - or if the idea is a total dead end and to stop annoying people with these questions, then please tell me!!!)

Would you make it cuter? Make it reflect the song lyrics more? Change the artistic style? Scrap it and start again?

Watch this

Thinking about changing for entry into the kids challenge. Changing the eyes, moving the head so it has a speech bubble and entering "what does the fox say?" Or just having that as text underneath... thoughts?


Threadless is weird about text, maybe consider creating your own? I like the concept, but it may be a little too morbid for a child's shirt? Also, the arms look kind of out of place to me, i actually think you could do without them. Just some thoughts!


Thanks, I removed some of the morbidity (well lots of it) and re-submitted. Didn't know about the text thing. Thanks :)


I think its better if you just used 2 colors in it and then just put some halftones/distress texture


Maybe instead of saying the fox says nothing, you could do something that emphasises how foxes can't speak


I like the fox but you should change the text. A reference to fables and stories or maybe the real fox call would be cool.

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