Kid's design... anyone got an idea for a funny title?

Coz I'm kinda stumped... otherwise I could just call it 'Solar Flare'

Cheers dudes!

Watch this
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Solar Emissions?

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Too bad the sun isn't one of the gas giants.

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lol so hilariously well drawn.

Possibly farty titles:

"I love to fart" "My Fart Shines Bright" "It hurts when I fart"

lol I don't know just some thoughts. : )


Brown giant In space noone can hear you toot It burns, burns, burns...


Crap, what happened to my line breaks?

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Big Bang

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haha, thanks guys! Being that it's for kids, I was going for equal mix of of lolz and gross. As for titles,I like em simple... and 'Solar Wind' is really clicking with me. Much more funny than just Solar Flare. Thanks Ragnampiza, and thanks everyone for all the suggestions! I've still got a small amount of work left on him, but he's very close to finished.


"solar wind" and this design are wow!!!

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