mike bautista: private investigator

need some info on a specific person you just can't get to know yourself? maybe there's some cute boy/girl/boygirl you want to get to know but you're too lazy to do that whole friendship thing. maybe your spouse is cheating on you but you don't know for sure. maybe you're participating in secret santa and you got that guy?!?

if you want to know more, send me an e-mail at milkbarista(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject title "Private Eye" and put the name of the person you want to learn more about, and maybe specific things you want to know about that person.

I will then post my findings here, with the target's name given an alias to keep things secret. if you, the client, would like to remain anonymous, give yourself a secret name in the e-mail you send me.

if you need some credentials, ask the A I got in history class.

Watch this

what do annie's farts smell like?



# forgot to remain anonymoose

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I did a little private eyeing myself, ..and came up with a clue!!

"mike bautista: private investigator" when rearranged, spells "Vitapie testing IV: Ikea masturbator"

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mike bautista said:

I'm not that kind of private investigator!

So what you're saying is that you investigate privates.

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