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Subbed Designs and Type

Was wondering if there is flexibility of making the type accompanying an image optional when subbing. I recently subbed Vampire of the Sea which features also features text. One of the comments that I got suggested that they liked the drawing, but that I should lose the type. My question is... Can I declare the type as "optional" in the printing instructions the next time I sub a design like this or do I need to sub the two variations separately or maybe side by side in the same sub? Thanks in advance. The link to the design in question is below.

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MudgeStudios said:

Can I declare the type as "optional" in the printing instructions

Definitely. Also I agree type ruins this otherwise awesome design! It is not necessary, and using fonts is usually not a good idea.

If using type at all, make it hand-drawn, and make sure it's an integral part of the design.

Check these ;)

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I should have looked at your designs before posting, sorry. You know exactly what you're doing and you're doing it right ;)


Great submission MudgeStudios. Really like the idea and execution.


But yeah, the type isn't that good.

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Thanks for the input. So is it a good idea to make one submission of a design like this which displays a variation with type and a version without? Thanks again.

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