Kids challenge with STATS!

Here are my first three ideas for the kids challenge, I've got another three in the pipeline too. Thoughts?

Posh Foxes like to Box while wearing Socks


Elephants can jump

Watch this
nickv47 profile pic Alumni

I like the elephant the best of the bunch. The mouth being the same shape as the eyes is odd to me, the pogo stick seems like it need so be spring loaded, also, are the bottoms not rounded off but flat to the ground and taper up from fat to thinner from the ground to the stick? the circles on the chracter also look like age spots and the dark ears looks like it's a dog.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

the pogostick looks like a shovel right now. Lady bug is my fav.

Theo86 profile pic Alumni
soloyo said:

the pogostick looks like a shovel right now. Lady bug is my fav.

I didn't notice it until Soloyo mentioned that but it does look like a shovel, The Foxes are prolly my favorite of the three. I really like the style you put into all three though.

melmike profile pic Alumni

okay, looks like the tie breaker is left to me, and I say... foxes are my fave of the 3.

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

what does the fox sa.... nevermind.

have to agree foxes are my fav

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

what does the fox sa.... nevermind.

have to agree foxes are my fav

Morkki profile pic Alumni

I like the Ladybug best, it looks ready to be subbed. The elephant is cute but the pogo stick needs some refining. The stick shouldn't continue so far up beyond the handles, as it makes an uncomfortable cross shape right now. Also it needs a spring.

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys, will develop the Elephant one further. Yeah, the pogo does need more work. Cheers!

JIMDAHOUSECAT profile pic Alumni

Pogolephant is my favourite but like the other guys have said the pogo stick needs a tiny bit of modifying. Also I think to balance the colours out you should give the elephant a red cap. What do ya think?


Cool. I like the foxes best. It looks like their fur is weird lips though, esp. on the left one....

Ladybug looked like a butt for a minute, prolly more a Rorschach statement about me...

And yeah, what was already stated, the elephant face, ears and pogo stick need some work.

Musarter profile pic Alumni
chuck p comics said:

Great work, ladybug will print

This. All of them are good but it is the best of the lot.

louisroskosch profile pic Alumni

nice! i like them all. the elephants mouth looks odd like other's have said but other than that great stuff as usual. gotta start working on mine!


Love them all, especially the ladybug :)

Weirdoboy profile pic Alumni

All 3 are fabulous, but my favorite is the Lady Bug.

Pyne profile pic Alumni

That lady bug would sell like crazy. Fantasic.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni


hellofromthemoon profile pic Alumni

foxes are my favorite but I love them all

Wharton profile pic Alumni

OK, so I've made a few slight adjustments.

I've given the Ladybugs face a gentler curve to the negative space.

I've sorted out the pogo stick (I think I have) and give some indication lines of movement. Also I'm not sure if I made the concept clear before either. its suppose to be about how Elephants can't jump, but this one can because its on a pogo stick, or was that obvious?

I'm pretty happy with the Foxes boxing, so no updates there.

Honestly i think that the mouth is kinda weird on the elephant.. have you seen what it looks like with no mouth line? I think it would be cuter... your foxes have no mouth & they're cute. :) The mouth on the elephant could be mistaken for a mustache.


nice! --not a lady-butt anymore. ;] I cant unsee the fox on the left as having weird lips though...still cute.

IF you eliminate the top line of the pogo so its not a lowercase t and more like a capital T might make the pogo stick more recognizable :) .

Wharton profile pic Alumni

hi everyone, I think this is now officially the last draught. Thanks for all the useful feedback, its much appreciated.


Everything that nick said in his first comment: ya, that


I do like the fancy foxes, though. I think the need more depth


And since they are posh, they should be wearing argyle socks. :p

macdoodle profile pic Alumni
Wharton said:

Mike Bautista sent me here and I've never looked back! Chris Wahl

Thanks for the link! These brushes are incredible!

I also think Ladybug is wicked cool!! They're all great but it's my fave.


i like all of them, and yes I agree that the elephant is better without the mouth line... good luck!

Wharton profile pic Alumni

I'm no Columbo, but I think there might be a little down voting going on. Ah well. On to the next one.


Avg Score 386 score 48 fives 71 ones


Avg Score 546 score 113 fives 64 ones


Avg Score 392 score 53 fives 50 ones


Great designs and scores Wharton! Keep up the great work man!

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Its all fine, this always seems to happen in the challenges so no big deal. Thanks though.

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