dino mech alternate history- now up!

w.i.p. of my alternative history entry, the idea is dino's were brought JP style to use and win our world wars. its not quite finished yet, gotta add a plane and some details. wanna finish it very soon as i am already late to the game. any suggestions?

edit, its up now! http://www.threadless.com/AlternateHistory/dino-wars/

Watch this
TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Yesssss! Maybe some skulls or skeleton remnants lying about? Or some charred homes? Something to make their destruction more apparent.

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Soldiers screaming in terror and more carnage in general. Great stuff so far.

P0ckets profile pic Alumni

The tank at the bottom (I think it's a tank) could stand to look a bit more obviously tank like. Maybe if the turret was still attached, but bent out of shape? As you say, adding a plane will help show that it's meant to be modern day.

I love the general look of it - the dino suit and clouds in particular.


Great colours, style, and concept. I agree with P0ckets about the tank, and maybe your clouds could use a little more attention?

I'd consider adding a tail to the mecha, too.

Looking forward to 5ing this HARD.

louisroskosch profile pic Alumni

a robot tail? or the actual dinos tail somewhere in it?

thanks for the inputs i am gonna post an update soon

Wharton profile pic Alumni

A Dino scene wouldn't be complete without a meteor. Some running soldiers would be sweet and ruined buildings.


Yeah, a robot tail.

louisroskosch profile pic Alumni

damn, already done it as a non robot tail lol.

i took out the clouds for now, not sure what to do with them or the best place to put them.

heres the update


you have such a cool style, dood.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I like the addition of the plane and the guy on fire is perfect. Looks like he's causing hell now. :-D

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

Love the updates! The scattered bones are awesome.

henroid88 profile pic Alumni

I think it's ready! Looks really good!

Based on your original description I think it could stand to have some visual cues that it's fighting for a specific country (maybe a monochrome flag on the robot suit) or something that shows us it's a World War.

But in all honesty this thing is ready to go get printed!

louisroskosch profile pic Alumni

yea i specifically avoided that, rather it's just humorous than in any kind of bad taste, but i understand what you are saying.


Looking GREAT! Really like this. Winner.




hahaha, this looks really awesome :D


Big 5 from me. Well done!

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