Need some feedback

This is my new design. It was declined already :)
So I was thinking if this idea needs to be redesigned totaly or maybe just background (red part) doesn't suit this snake. Or maybe red color is too strong.
Your advice will be much appreciated :)

Watch this

Does the design have a title? I think it would help a lot for giving a feedback .)


Sure. The title is 'Snake' :) Or maybe 'Snake Queen'.

henroid88 profile pic Alumni

What about King Cobra, that's an actual species of snake. That could help give it a concept. The red section seems like it's the focal point, could you scale up the snake so it's head is overlapping the top part of the shape? I wonder if the contour of the crown would look better if it mimicked the shape of the snake's coil.

Good Luck, hope to see a successful submission!


Thanks for comments :) Now trying to improve image.

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