One second...

Terrible accident....

My nephew and his girlfriend were in a head-on auto accident last night. They were lifeflighted to the hospital.

Both have broken backs and other serious injuries, one of them may be paralyzed.
The driver of the other auto was killed.

It's so horrible. They're both so young and just struggling to get by, now this.... I keep telling myself at least they're alive... I am very sad for the other driver and his family.

If you believe in prayers, positive energy, or well wishes ...please send some their way.

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That's terrible....sorry to hear that :(

Will be wishing them all the best.


Omg! Sending thoughts and prayers their way! Stay strong!


Very sad...Prayers.

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wow, really sorry to hear. my thoughts are with you and your family.

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my prayers are out to you

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Sending some positive vibes your way!

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So sorry to hear this :( all the best wishes

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So sorry to hear the terrible news. I hope the best for them I'll send a prayer that way.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.


What horrible news! I'm sending you good thoughts.

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I pray sincerely for their recovery. I know it must be really hard to cope up with such a terrible incident but i hope you and your family stay strong.

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That's really awful. :-( Yeah, at least they're still alive. It's crazy how things can change so drastically in an instant.

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Sending positive vibes your way!!!!


Sucks man. Hopefully no one is paralysed. My dad had a ladder kick out from under him recently and he crushed his L1 vertebrae. Can't really do anything for 10 weeks. But bones will heal. Thankfully it sounds like your nephew&gf heads are ok, no comas. Just gotta stay strong. Help out however you can and you'll all get through it. Sending prayers. :)

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so horrible. can't wait for smart cars. best wishes


thank you so much everyone. I hope to have some good news to post soon.


Really sorry to hear this. Wishing everyone involved the best. We had a really bad weekend on the roads too. A lot of rain all weekend and six people died in separate accidents.

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I'm hoping the best for you and your nephew and his girl, so sorry to hear about this :( hope they get better soon.


Please help me send some positive energy their way for me. Get well soon to them.

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That is just terrible... Sending prayers.

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really sorry to hear this :( sending my positive energy and prayers their way.


How awful! Sending many positive thoughts their way.

And yes, please keep us updated!

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So sorry to hear the news. I'll be keeping your family in prayer.

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That's terrible will definitely think about them in my prayers.


Oh man! best of luck for both of them, be strong!


Thank you all.

They both have had one surgery so far. Will have more on wed. or thursday.

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Prayers is the best remedy. Hope they get well soon.

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I lost some friends to a car accident and so my thoughts go to the family of the young man killed and we are all hopeful that your nephew and his girlfriend can make a full and speedy recovery. We are side by side in these difficult times, lets keep praying for them all

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OMG, so sorry to hear of the accident.


That's terrible. Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Hope they get well soon.

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So sorry to hear. My thoughts are with respective families. May you all stay strong. I wish them both a full recovery!

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i send my good vibes too. hope they get well soon!!


Thank you all so much.

According to the report this is what happened... Officials say one driver was going northbound, when he tried driving around a wrecker in the shoulder lane. When he driver drove around the wrecker, he drove into the southbound lane and hit my nephews truck head on.

I just wonder if they could have only left on their trip a few minutes earlier or later. :[ Its true, your life can change in an instant.

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wow that's terrible. I've been in a really bad wreck before, but nothing like that. I totaled my car and my knee still clicks when i walk but that's it. Really sorry to hear that. Luckily they survived the crash. Hope they pull through.


People need to just relax on the roads and enjoy the scenery. Making up your own rules can often lead to trouble, as seen here. Just isn't worth it.

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Sorry to hear that, I hope they recover soon.

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Hug hugs.

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rainbow thoughts to you guys! hope to hear good news soon! they'll will recover for sure with all those positive vibes and prayers!


Thank you guys. All the well wishes are greatly appreciated.

[+duracell-] said:

People need to just relax on the roads and enjoy the scenery. Making up your own rules can often lead to trouble, as seen here. Just isn't worth it.

So true about relax and enjoy the scenery. -Not worth it to drive reckless. :[

I think the guy passing the wrecker misjudged how much time he had to clear it and return to his lane. The narrow, one lane, two-way highways here are dangerous to drive.

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