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Do you guys remember Ziggy Stardog?

Neither did I (thanks, Jeff!)

Anyway, here's his new counterpart Kitty Stardust, brought to you by a rad dude in Austin, TX.

You should score it, because we like it.

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merkinspurlock profile pic Alumni

This is probably also a good time to mention that he makes these sweaters. Jumpers? Sweaters. Here you go. Some examples below...

BeanePod profile pic Alumni
6 designs submitted - Score now!

those sweater though....

* wipes away tear
PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted -

Those sweaters are the best thing ever.

The Paper Crane
The Paper Crane profile pic Alumni
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Too much coolness!!!

Morkki profile pic Alumni

omg that Krampus sweater. Want. Need.

FoodStampDavis profile pic Alumni

Those sweaters kick ass.


Sheeeit, those sweaters.

mike bautista
mike bautista profile pic Alumni

goodbye wallet/hello streetcred

macdoodle profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted -
mike bautista said:

goodbye wallet/hello streetcred

yes indeed! love these!

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