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Saxy sketch. Need feedback please!

Here's an idea I had. Anything I should change? I know the typography is not that great, but it would be cool if someone could help me fix it :D

Watch this

haha, it's funny :)

the text would be great like it is, but in my opinion it needs to be bigger, gold like the instrument and placed in the middle off the upper chest :) and the saxephone dude more on the bottom?

That is my opinion ... cool design ;)


Thanks! I haven't started processing it in photoshop, I'm going to do that soon.


Here is the typography, what do you guys think? Is the type fine as it is or should I change it?


looks really good :D hmmm looks like a print to me, I don't know what can be done better :) I'll ask a friend artist :)

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