Winter is coming.

And no, this isnt a Game of Thrones reference.
With the days being shorter and colder and overall more miserable, what kinds of things do you do in order to keep your sunny dispositions during these cold harsh months?

Watch this

I hibernate.

Dan Yingling

Packers and Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.

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redhandedjillian said:
lxromero said:
alexmdc said:

draw Jeffs

and dongs, but never in the same picture.

...why not.

I dont know if the internet could handle all that.

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Snuggly blankets and hot coffee make winter bearable. And layering clothes and BOOTS. I love boots.


my winters aren't harsh here...


mike bautista
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I let depression take me so I could get a year's worth of feelings in one season. then it's smooth sailing for 3/4 of the new year.


i do know that it's cooling down a bit because

between my legs

becomes one of my cat's favorite places to curl up and sleep.


uhhhh...don't even!!!


To combat SAD which I think I might have...I hang lights and decorate with colorful stuff. Hey, is that why they do that for Christmas?

A fire is nice. Esp. since we have no indoor heat right now, --its like camping. Fortunately it doesn't get that cold here.

Hot drinks and winter soups. -- I agree with Baka, boots are cool. :] Finally getting to wear them is great.

lxromero said:

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I'm cool with winter, we are not best buds but we are still cool! Winter has it's beauty just like summer, but the fall, I'd say we are worst enemy's!

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I threaten to move south every year- and I'm in Virginia. Winter is the worsssst. Every once in a while, the hubs and I will crank the thermostat up to 80 and make daiquiris. Beach party nights are the only reason I make it to April.


Autumn and winter smell like fire here, whether it's in someone's fireplace or a brushfire, brought on by 'Santa Ana winds.' That scent reminds me of family camping trips. Good memories!

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