[SCORING] One Trick Pony

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[update] One Trick Pony

Thanks everyone for helping me find creative commons images (scroll down to the bottom to see the original thread I created)

Ok, so after like 3 hours I found the image that I was going to use for my idea.
This is the picture I found

I then spent a few hours in Photoshop editing and re-drawing elements of the original illustration in order to fit the idea that was brewing in my head.

To finish off the design I used my crap/cheap-ass tablet to add the further elements to the illustration


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[HELP] finding images without copyright...

Hey All,

I'm currently in the process of starting a new design and I'm currently on the search for a particular image (old style etching).
Does anyone have any tips to find images with no copyright?
I would draw the main image however the execution of the idea would be weaker without a highly detailed etching.
Please help a brother out!


Watch this
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Jake Friedman said:

I'd start with flickr commons, I'd read more about the legality of using those images here.

Very useful, I'll read up on this when I get back from work :)


Anyone know the legality of using source images from stock sites? That might be worth a look?

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You can also use this Creative Commons Search

Wikipedia, Flickr and Archive are the best sources and remember that anything published before 1923 is considered public domain.

Have fun.

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Thanks everyone for you input. I managed to find the image for my latest design. Stay Tuned for my next submission :)

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Neat lines!


Great! Where did you find the source etching?

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Great editing Jimmy. Wicked funny concept to.

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BeanePod said:
macdoodle said:

Great editing Jimmy. Wicked funny concept to.

agreed, well done

and john..."too"


Don't make me bust out my go to "Quantum Leap" video! I'll do it!!


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