is there a thread about the comment system?

all the comment features are really cool but some stuff is messed up. it doesn't recognize line breaks a lot of the time and I've been having to type <br> to get it done. that kinda sucks. and also, it was pretty cool back in the day when we could resize images with html but it doesn't work now. and this last one is just a nitpick but whenever we use the image, quote, or link buttons, it has such a funky format in the comment box that it takes a while for me to realize what goes where. things can get weird if a comment gets long and you have to juggle a bunch of images and links in them. are these being addressed? will someone hold me while these are being looked at?

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mike bautista
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and the preview doesn't really show how the comment will actually look when posted.

like lists not using the list button. typed like this: butts

actually comes out like this: butts toes burgers shoulders

it recognizes line breaks if you press enter twice, but I think that's it. and about the image resizing, the preview recognizes it but not when it's actually published.

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The old Youtube embedding code works in the preview as well, but all you get is a bunch of gobbledygook when you post. It would be nice if the two were consistent.

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Man... the whole line break thing really ruins the way Classic Blogsā„¢ display.

They're just a big ol mess of gobblety gook now!

Jake Friedman

I think the preferred term is globblety Korean, lets try and not be racists you dumb honkeys.

uh... anyway, comments are sometimes wonky, as you mentioned with lists. I've often posted something, see it turn into unreadable paragraph of farts and, delete it and reformat it.


Your example list is coincidentally what I look for in a mate. In order.


Is this the place where I get to say how much I hate the quote feature? Because I hate the quote feature, guys. If I wanted to look at a bunch of gray boxes, I'd play Minesweeper, gorramitt.


That sounds nasty, Alvie!


yes and I still don't get how to post an image that links to other section, for example when I want to post a design and link it to score page.

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