What do you think of my new idea. Feedback please.

A little further along.

Work in progress!

Updated rough.

I'm missing the type on this version but obviously I'll add that when I get to the final artwork. I will also be bending to the will of the public and going with "Fight!" I admit it! You were right.

I haven't been around for a while but I'm back! If you could let me know what you think of my current idea I'd be grateful. It's an anchorman themed tee which I've been meaning to do for a while. This is only a rough so bare that in mind. Thanks.

Watch this

Oh, I'll BEAR that in mind, alright. I didn't immediately catch the Anchorman theme (It's been too long since I've seen it), but I'm sure some extra details and colors will bring out the visual style of the movie and/or combine it with Street Figher visuals. As it is, it doesn't seem like much more than taking a scene from the movie and putting it on a shirt, and if you were going to be that direct, there are much funnier scenes you could have chosen. But putting it in a fighting-game setting gives you a bit more to work with, so I'd suggest using pixel-y arcade-style visuals and details to give it that extra push.

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Ian-S said:

This is only a rough so BEAR that in mind.

Missed pun opportunity!

I think it's a solid concept - and Anchorman 2's coming out before too long I think so it might have some added appeal. Couple of thoughts...

  • Unless you're specifically describing Ron B as a bear, I would just have the word "FIGHT" or "Round 1: Fight" - which is what you'd see on a standard beat em up.

  • Could his dog Baxter be involved somehow? He ends up sorting things out in the film. Not sure how here, maybe Ron is doing a hadoken, firing a dog out of his hands at the bear. Just spitballing here.

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Gutted I missed that pun!

I appreciate the feedback. I liked idea of Baxter. As for the "Bear Fight" I went for this as it's what the news team shout before fighting the bears. I can see how that might be missed, but I still like it. Thanks again.


I got the idea right off the bat mainly because of Ron and the rest of the crew. I would definitely think about changing the "bear fight" though just cause I see the poses and the health bear and think "fight"

By the way, how the heck have you only been printed once!?! lol...I'm guessing it's an issue with the Disney/copyright stuff. Either way, you're work is awesome!

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Thanks for the comment. Appreciate it!

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Never seen Anchorman (I'm so behind on my to-see list for movies!) but I still enjoy the design. You have a great style, and bonus points for bears. Maybe a better caption then BEAR FIGHT, would be some sort of pun involving bears, like BEAR KNUCKLE BRAWL. Just an idea, humour really sells designs here.

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i agree with drrobotronic.,. nice style though. and awesome illustration. rough sketch but damn! it looks fine

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I Like your work. It's only my opinion, but I've gotta say that I think that you hit the Anchorman's likeness much better in your first sketch. I also like reducing the type to the bear minimum. "Fight" works for me. Good Luck.


Looking good!

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