i am new

i am new to this and have no idea where to start. would like to do a design but dont have any computer soft wear for it, so need some info or any help i can get thanks patfilice

Watch this

Start with an idea, pencil, and paper

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you can download a month-long free trial of the entire adobe suite from their website. it's a great way to dive into the software and see which software you prefer to work with before you purchase...


where do i get a template of a shirt or hoodie

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There's a ton of helpful stuff here- just be aware some of the presentation formatting stuff has changed.

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T shirt etc templates here and also some extras here

If you don't have software, you ideally want something that will let you draw in separate layers. If you're using a drawing tablet, or scanning in ink drawings, you could try GIMP (free software, look around on google). If you're drawing using a mouse straight onto the screen, you will probably want to look into vector graphics - Inkscape is a reasonable free option.

Look at the link Pyne shared - and read through it all before you start designing and submitting, it will help you a lot and save you some headaches.

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Welcome and Good luck!


thank you all for the info, need to do work on my computer to get the templates to work


You are a liar, you are no longer new! Hahaha I'm kidding.

Just searching for stuff on the internet is always great too for learning and inspiration. Glad we could help you!

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