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Welcome Sarah! I like your design over all but I will guess to my best ability why it was declined. The over all design is in solid colors which is good but then you end up using some gradient effects on the hat therefore disrupts the consistency in design technique. One other thing is the gray body which stands out very plain, which could use some textures and is not the same color as the arms, much darker. Color palette could be another one. There could be many reasons why they reject designs but it is always good to post your WIP (work-in-progress) on the forum to get feedback before you submit. Thats what I'm doing right now with a piece I'm designing. By the way you have very good pen tool skills and your vector work is great!! Everyone has something to learn and improve on. Hope I've helped!


My guess is that the illustrative style needs to have a bit more personality about it. This is very clean, which is great, but maybe there could be more of a cute and endearing style.

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Your problem here is the concept has been done to death and your illustration is inconsistent. The hat, sloth and teacup all look like they're from different designs. Even the sloth itself is all over the place, details in some areas, no details in others. Lastly, it's so flat it looks like a big brown blob on the tee.

They're my criticisms. On the bright side, he's cute I suppose, and sloths do seem to be hot right now, coz irony.

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Melmike is on the money here. Please don't take this the wrong way, but honest feedback is always best I think. The illustration is lacking in personality, theres no life to the character. The illustration isn't framed very well on the tee it sort of abruptly finishes at the bottom of the t-shirt, which looks like an after thought.

The thing you need to think about the most though is the concept, what are you trying to say with this image, what is it communicating? At the moment it doesn't make a lot of sense, what is the connection between a sloth and an English gentleman? I don't think all designs need to have some high meaning, but they do have to convey something and at the moment this feels very mixed up and not properly thought through.

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Thank you all for the feedback! I originally made this as a poster for my boyfriend and my anniversary. He's British, and he likes sloths; therefore, I made this... haha but I do agree that it is inconsistent.

I've never really been a strong person conceptually so I guess I should work on that!

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