Feedback and comments please


Can you folks give me feedback and/or comments please.
Is it clear what the idea is about this design?
I did not colored the whole design just to emphasize the situation.
THNX in advance.

I've adjusted the design.

Watch this

HI!!!! i think the idea is very good and also the execution!!! it took me some time to understand the concept but maybe i'm too dumb!!! In my opinion this design could become super pretty if you color it and you add more objects liquifying towards the fridge so that the concepts become more clearer!! Also personally i wouldn't use that font and position for the text!! try this font : comiquita sans and try other positions to find the better ones!!! please color it i'm sure it would be printed!!! Hope it helped!!! bye!!!


the idea would be clearer if you made on of the ice creams saying the words instead of having it on the side of the refrigerator


THNX for the feedback. Ok that are really some good and useful comments on this design from you guys, I will work them out :). Many thnx ;) I will post the redesign in this thread soon as I made the adjusments.

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Just here to say I agree fully with changing the text and placement of the text. I am not so sure you even need the text. I also like that you've isolated the focal point with color. Though, I'm not too keen on the rest being black & white. Maybe explore the same idea of highlighting the focal point but in other ways. Maybe the rest is Monotone blue or something like this. I personally enjoy that the joke is not immediately obvious. It's clear "enough" and that engages the viewer.

Thanks for this. It's nice!


I think it's rad. Love the little beer dudes on the door rooting/yelling for the melted guy.


THNX dude, I'm glad you noticed the yelling/rooting beers ;)


yeah, agree with the stuff about text and everything; one more suggestion, perhaps removing one drawer from the fridge so it's slightly quicker to get the joke, less stuff in the way. Just one drawer. :) But you don't have to, it's just a suggestion. :)


I have adjusted the design with help of your comments, many thnx for that ;). The background color is actual the t shirt color, it can also be another color. So what do you guys think, is it ready to submit?


THNX for all your comments, it was very useful. I have submitted this design for scoring. So feel free to score the design ;).

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