#Official Threadless Secret Santa Blawg 2013!!

Secret Santa 2013

Have you been missing Threadless Secret Santa 2012? Yearning for past years when you were matched with the best people and you reached Nirvana through the hand-making, hand-selecting, and hand-wrapping sublime?


So put on your party hats and get ready to gift your hearts out!!*

This year, I will be running Secret Santa, with staff input from Jeff.

Basically, this is our firm timeline of shit:

Timeline 2013

Now- Friday, November 9th

Send an email with your full name, full mailing address (including all your funky weird stuff if you're international!!), and any questions you'd like on the survey to threadsanta13@gmail.com.

November 9th- Thursday, November 14th

Receive survey; fill out survey; return survey to above email address from whence it will arrive.

Friday, November 15th

Receive your person's survey.

Friday November 15th- December 6th/December 10th


Friday, December 6th

International Shipping deadline.

Tuesday, December 10th

Domestic Shipping deadline.



Participants 2013

Wharton Being smuggled into the US the 16th!

tides Sent!

hellofromthemoon Sent! / Won't be able to open yet :)

noodlegirl WHO IS THE SAME AS Myhotneuron

amaara Sent!


robotboot SENT!

foodstampdavis Sent!

mezo Sent!


skaw SENT!

theinfamousbaka Sent!

redhandedjillian Sent!

bcarlson41 Sent!

lemonalle Sent!

Mantichore Sent! / Received from Kerry!

chuck-p-comics Sent! / Received from Ross!

uncannyxjen Sent!

lily1029 -- RECEIVED from Ryder_Revolution!! (will open on Christmas!) / Sent!

taz-pie Sent!

kuro_te Sent!

jeffreyg SENT!

stoma Sent! / Received from Mezo!!

ChrisDB Sent!

laihiriel Sent!

vanillablue Sent! / Received from kuro_te!!

LFagan Sent! / Received from tides

catsweaters SENT!

arzie13 SENT! / received from Becky!

Ryder_Revolution FIRST TO SEND! / RECEIVED FROM Laihiriel

celandinestern Sent!

alexmdc SENT! Received from Taz-pie!

Twiggyhall Sent!

OwlsOnTheBrain (me) - Sent!

danekissel83 SENT...AND RECEIVED FROM lily1029!!! Post!


kerrypug SENT! / Received from Twiggyhall!


Tiffany came up with this wonderful blog where you can post things you like/want that your person might be interested in getting for you-- a great idea in case not everyone knows one another super well. <3

Cool Stuff you Like/Want!!

*Please do not actually try to ship your heart through the postal system. We believe this may be damaging to your health.

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But kinda also..... :_(

tides profile pic Alumni


I got a box of awesomeness from Lance Claus!!!!!

I just spent an hour writing a post about it and then my fucking internet decided to go out at the very second I hit post and the whole thing disappeared!!!

So I will make a new blog about it another day when I'm not 2 seconds away from throwing my computer out of a skyscaper window

Thanks, Lance! I love everything!!! :D

Oh and pictures of my swag are on the Facebooks dot com in the meantime

tides profile pic Alumni

Well worth the wait. Thank you so much Jess!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

yay!! :D

100% THIS YEAR!!

tides profile pic Alumni

jeffreyg said:

yay!! :D

100% THIS YEAR!!

Really?! So great! Great job everyone! Can't wait for December :)


Anyone started thinking about Secret Santa for this year yet?

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