Favorite Tools.

Do you use paint, pencils, earwax, mom's eyeliner?

Personally I carry around a pencil case full of crap but almost always resort to a fine tip micron, prismacolor brush tip markers, a pentel pocket brush, and a red mechanical pencil.

What do you people like making stuff with?

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I love erasable colored pencils and microns, though I only use them for doodling and brain storming. But it's a nice, stress free way to draw. :-) Then of course Photoshop and my Cintiq.

melmike profile pic Alumni

What do you mean 'you people'?

jk, I use what I assume everyone else uses, a ball point pen filled with my own tears.

nikoby profile pic Alumni

Can't go wrong with microns. Where can I get my hands on mikes tear pen, so emotional.

SteveOramA profile pic Alumni

I used to sketch with a mechanical pencil but I switched back to good 'ole no.2 pencils. Then I ink with my trusty 05 and 08 micron pens. That's all for now. Can't give away all my secrets.


I like Photoshop best this mixed media challenge was great one for me to get the creative juices flowing. Most of mine have been sketches then inked to do in photoshop. I created some designs back in the day with just photoshop that I was proud of .. so i'm hoping to do some of them in the future :)

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Pentel brush pen is pretty cool, on the rare occasion I'm not potato choppin'

Jayme Art said:

^This. But sometimes I try to remember a sketch book and a mechanical pencil as well. I used to use a .9 mm mechanical pencil to simulate No. 2 pencils but then I lost the pencil and was too lazy to get a new one.

P.S. I could use a regular No. 2 but I like consistency hence using mechanical pencils. Also because there never seems to be a pencil sharpener around when I need one.

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