Feedback wanted on concept sketch

Hi, I have this idea about the Turtoise and the Hare finally being together and having unlimited fun – at least the Hare. What to improve? Remember it's just a sketch ;-)

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I like this sketch. The hare's expression gets a lot of focus. I personally don't care for the expression. It's got the teen "whatever" vibe going on. I suppose it works with the skateboard and the actual source story you're pulling form. I just didn't like that part of this drawing. The overall shapes you have built and composed I do like a lot. Maybe the face could be a little less cartoon and a little more graphic shape, because that's what is so appealing about the rest of the drawing. The rest of the body has not got the Disney "roundness" going on, whereas the hare's face sort of does.


I agree with the commenter above, the design is really fun and i quite like the idea. I also think you could work on the turtle's face because it's still a bit flat compared to the rest of the sketch. Otherwise, I like the movement of the composition and i'm looking forward to seeing the finished work! im thinking bold and bright for the colors in this one :D


Very rad! Can't wait to see the coloured version!


U did very well, keep working on it! It defenetly is something good :)

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Hey! In my opinion, there's something a bit disturbing around the feet: the perspectives of the skate board and of the shoes don't work together. I mean it looks like his feet are on the edge of the board. I think the further shoe (the one on his left foot) should be slightly hiden by the board. I know the persp doesn't need to be 100% accurate but it does bother me a little.. maybe it's just me, though ;) Otherwise, I like this sketch, very dynamic :) Can't wait for the colours.

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