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Collab Process with @jeffreyg

I've always been interested in the process of collabs and thought I would share a few sketches from my first collab with @jeffreyg

Jeff had the concept and shot over this sketch to me.

I then took it from there to create the illustration. In just about every case, I prefer to work out the sketches on paper. Here are some of the roughs in progress.

The finished illustration was actually done on 2 separate pieces of paper. Call it poor planning on my end. In the end it was nice drawing it a little larger, making it easier to put in the detail.

I scanned the sketches and composited them together in photoshop, adjusted the levels a bit, and cleaned up some of the fragments. Next I sent the file over to Jeff along with a reference image with the color blocked in... Jeff, did a much better job once he got his hands on it.

Jeff did a fantastic job bringing it to life with color and some really nice texture.

I'm really excited about how our first collab together turned out.
Here's to more in the coming future!

  • Jason

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Wow. Nicely done and I like how you showed the process structure.


YES! The result is awesome. Good job you two. ^^

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