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Hey all,

So there was a discussion on FB the other day among threadless people talking about the glories of Nathan Pyle's hair. I thought I should bring the discussion to the forums as well.

Ways to participate:
• Post your favorite Nathan Pyle hair memory.
• Draw Nathan Pyle's hair from memory.
• Design a shirt as an ode to Nathan Pyle's hair.
• Add Nathan Pyle's hair to your own pics so you too can know how it feels to have nathan pyle's hair.

Watch this
TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I just imagine a collective swoon as he did that at the meetup.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

The first time I saw Nathan's hair live was in Madison Square Park, NYC. The park's squirrels would perch on his shoulder and offer gifts of peanuts to his hair.


nathan is so dreamy. would ALMOST go straight for his hair.


reminds me of the lion king


d'awwwwwww!!!!! I <3 the Nathan double-u dot Pyle dot com dot org dot net dot ca!!!!!!

I remember back when he was just a lowly sloganeer...well, dunno that he was ever that lowly, but his slogans were awesome :)

jesshanebury profile pic Alumni

Nathan Pyle's hair was once used to help 23 orphans climb down a window out of a burning building. It later wrapped itself around the traumatized children to warm them while it told them a story. One of those children grew up to be Bill Murray.

merkinspurlock profile pic Alumni

One time Nathan Pyle broke his foot at a meetup. He kept remarkably calm by telling himself "at least I didn't break my hair."

BeanePod profile pic Alumni

During the summer of 1976 a pilot of British Airways suffered a massive heart attack en route to Tokyo. Luckily for the crew and all those traveling, Nathan Pyle's hair just happened to be on vacation and aboard the very same plane. Not only did Nathan Pyle's hair resuscitate the pilot but flew the plane to safety. No passengers or crew members were harmed. Nathan Pyle's hair is an international hero.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Snapple fact: 80% of all babies kissed by Nathan Pyle's hair grow up to become US Presidents.


Nathan Pyle once donated his hair to Locks of Love, and the foundation didn't have to take another donation for a decade!

Take that Jesus... with your boring fish and bread and man dress.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Every time Nathan Pyle plays with his hair an Angel gets its wings.

cshimala profile pic Staff

Wow. Just wow!


hahahahahaha! This blog is so funny :D I didn't mean to ruin everything, but is it not mean to comment on someone hair? (But I can not stop laughing)

BeanePod said:

Chuck Norris doesn't punch Nathan Pyle's hair. He lovingly adorns it as beard instead.


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