Which is the sh!ttiest of them all? Pick one if you dare!

So, rossmat8 had this brilliant idea. It was designed by myself in two different ways. Now you get to decide which one is better. Score the one that you think should win.


"Literally 2"

Skaw likes (commented on) one of them but I guess you have a 50/50 shot of seeing which one. Do it!

Watch this

I prefer the colors of number 1, btw


I mean, the darker blue tee

FoodStampDavis profile pic Alumni

I can't decide. I think the second one, but the first has a souvenir shop quality that I really love and works so well for this. Like something you'd see at Daytona Beach or the Wisconsin Dells.

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

Not pleased with the score, but hey shitty ideas get shitty scores. Thanks for doing it and hopefully #1 finishes higher

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

Maybe we can get an april fools print or something. Thanks for doing these they came out awesome.


Number 2 (hehe) because the plunger looks more excited in that picture than in the first and the caption is too happy for the first picture

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