i would like to re-do this ...

... because i think it's a sweet idea.

what do you ppl think i should change - should it look more like this:

Watch this
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Out of the bottom two styles, I prefer the bottom one (stitched look rather than pixels). I'm not sure you need to go that far - you could keep the throwing knife/katana patterns as they are, but it might help to make the characters less detailed as they don't seem to fit perfectly with all the other objects, which just have 1 colour each. You could try doing all the ninjas with just black, and the guy in the middle just white?

Also you could try extending the pattern further down the shirt - to make it more like the size of the other two examples. Your pattern is tighter and more detailed than the other two, so you could get away with re-using a couple of the existing lines to stretch it further down.


i loved it first time and i'm sure the redo will be awesome too

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hell yeah....knitted style! i've been thinkin' bout doing the same with that xmas shirt collab i did w/ ross matlock in the same style

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