Did threadless extend the $10k deadline?

Cos they used to do stuff like that and I just had an idea.

Watch this

wut i ur idear?

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Morkki said:

They did, but the extended deadline ended yesterday

Hahaha! Love it.

Taz, it was fruit related

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Yeah, I pushed the deadline myself and finally entered a thing I started in January in the last hours. Then they extended it for another 24 hourse for the lulz. I don't really expect it to have a shot at the big prize but I figured I might as well sub it there for a chance at a regular print.

Ah well. Make a regular sub then? Or the Mixed Media challenge mayhaps.


was it fruit (BUT WAIT FOR IT...)





Monkey X
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"Ain't nobody got time for that."

They should extend it with one whole month. That being said -- Of course I missed the deadline.


Late to the party again. I bet you brought an appetizer, huh?

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I can't just throw my ideas out there to be preyed on by blog wolves. I must nuture their gentle forms until they are complete enough to stand alone.

Plus it doesn't make sense in words.

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