Jeff? Please help!

Please help!
This is regarding the Sesame Street Challenge.
Why was the submission page removed more than five minutes before 11:59 PM CST?
I saw this challenge yesterday and I had an idea for a design so started working on it late. I still finished working on it somehow and then when I go online to submit, the page is gone more than five minutes before the scheduled deadline.

What do I do? :(

Watch this

Here's my design based on the cookie monster, which I titled "Holy Monster".
Description: Holy Monster- Preaching the love of cookies and sharing the sacred message of sharing since 1969.


Thanks. Okay. Do you think they'll listen?

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Honestly, I don't think it'll be accepted, it looks like an initial sketch to me... but if it is as you said, that you tried to submit it 5 mins beforehand, then yes, they'll at least look at it.

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hmm..looks a bit unfinished to me


This isn't an initial sketch at all. I intended to make the design in black and white and a colour version as well. But I didn't have much time to make the second version so I decided to just put this one up.
I tried to open the sesame street submission page five minutes before the deadline but I got a 404. They removed the page ahead of time, I think.
But are you saying this wouldn't have been normally accepted, even if I would have been able to submit?


This looks like a very initial outline of a sketch to me, personally


I'm a little confused. Does it look unfinished to everyone because of the context in which it is being judged right now? Would you say the same if it was up for scoring, without all of this background info on when I started working on it etcetera? But if it really looks unfinished, I won't try to get it accepted.
I wouldn't try to submit anything that doesn't really have any chance at winning.


Sorry man, definitely unfinished. This wouldn't have been accepted. What you submit is what the expected finished product will be.


Ah well...
I guess I should just get over it and start making my next design.

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